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Sa govt rejects marble hill claim – IFS

Sa govt rejects marble hill claim – IFS

Jammu: A group of더나인 카지노 Kashmiri students, reportedly part of the Hizbul Mujahideen, stormed a security college premises on Wednesday night and demanded to protest against the Kashmiri government.

According to reports, a large group of students stormed the campus premises of the Azamgarh college, which was run jointly by the Aam Aadmi Party and the Students Union of India. The protest took place at 11am after the main event, which was organised to commemorate Kashmiri martyrs of September 15, 2016, ended.

The students had demanded that a national flag be burnt before the national anthem and had also demanded a ban on the use of the national anthem by all Kashmiris and the state government.

According to reports, some of the protesters had also taken out posters of the chief minister to condemn the recent events in Srinagar by saying he had “turned the Kashmiris into a problem”.

The students had reportedly asked the governor to make provision in the school management and administration to prevent any kind of attack an구로 출장 안마d to ban the use of the national anthem at campus premises.

They were also allegedly demanding that the chief minister himself and those of the state government in charge be remo여수출장샵 여수출장마사지ved from all posts.

A source told the ANI news agency that about 15-20 students, some of whom were reportedly members of the Hizbul Mujahideen, were present at the spot and were heard telling the students that the protest was illegal.

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An FIR of assaulting, disturbing and obstructing police was registered against a number of people by the police at around 10 pm, a police officer involved in the investigation said.

Meanwhile, at least four people had been injured, one of them a woman, for scuffling with some of the protesters near the college.

The police had to call the protesters away after the stone pelting incident.

The university has announced the cancellation of all upcoming meetings by students in Srinagar but is also yet to register an FIR against the protesters.

September 10, 2020