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Interview john inverarity at the New York Public Library

Interview john inverari강릉출장마사지ty at the New York Public Library.

The best book that anyone, anywhere in the world could buy is “The Last of the English,” by Ian Thompson, a brilliant writer of letters on the nature and history of England. At the end of the book is an excellent summary:

“To 천안출장마사지every day Englishmen were divided into two categories of men: those who wrote to and read with precision, men of wisdom, or those who written to, read, and admired with the ease and skill of an amateur. “On the third page of the book stands an inscription on a plaque that was used in the eighteenth century, but it’s difficult to miss. It’s an inscription that is more profound than any of the writings of the age put together. And it reads: ‘You may read with precision.’ “I think we’ve taken for granted how many fine books that can be bought for only a certain amount of money. The b포커est books are just that, fine. They’re not great novels. They’re not great non-fiction. They’re just great literature.”

September 10, 2020