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Summer mangoes hit sweet spot for producers and consumers alike

Summer mangoes hit sweet spot for producers and consumers alike.

A handful of mango producers with a fo샌즈 카지노cus on purees are leading the pack. Many of the smaller firms are still in the process of launching their own products, though a few companies, including Hui and Hui-yuan, are preparing to go to market. The rest of the sector is starting to catch up — and so is the demand.

“What’s happening now is very close to what we saw in 1989.”

“There are more and more producers that are competing, trying to stay ahead,” says Stephen T. Chen, president of the Southeast Asia-Pacific Association of Importers of Produced Food. This is the region in the Pacific that generates about four-fifths of all imports from China.

With the growing demand for mangoes, farmers like Wang have gotten increasingly involved. A few years ago, Wang’s m로투스 홀짝ango farms were mostly confined to the north of전주출장안마 Vietnam. Now, there is a lot of activity from around the region. The mango growers, he says, are willing to invest large sums of money just to produce good mangoes. “This is our only option for getting high-quality fruits.”

September 10, 2020