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Busy time for emergency services

Busy time for emergency services!

“There’s never been another one like it,” says Dr. Jeff Haffner, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, who had a minor concussions in the 1970s, and is currently working with researchers to track the condition.

And there’s never been a better time to get a concussion, says Dr. James A. Feltman, director of the Pittsburgh Sports Concussion Center and professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins University. A study on the topic published in November by researchers at Yale University confirmed that one quarter of athletes reported a concussion in the seven years after the 1970 merger of the NFL and NBA.

At the moment, Haffner says, he’s monitoring a handful of schools. “Our patients have been going back and forth to clinics every month.”

Doctors are more vigilant now. “It’s the kind of thing that gets attention and it’s going to get attention,” says Haffner.

A little bit of caution in play

When Feltman’s team tested 19 young people who were admitted to his emergency department because of concussions, they found that more than half — 60 pe호 게임rcent — suffered serious brain damage. That’s higher than the 10 percent found in the general population. “It’s a bit too much,” says Feltman.

Feltman says that a combination of e출장 안마arly warning signs of concussion can help. And there’s nothing in football rules that dictates that the first question of a concussion should be, “Do you remember how long you played?” Rather, he says, doctors should ask if the player’s brain feels sore, foggy, or even numb, especially after a blow.

The first rule of concussion therapy is to seek medical attention immediately. But it’s also c구로 출장 안마rucial to try and explain the injury in as few words as possible, which is why Feltman’s team is testing all their patients for post-concussion memory loss. “The biggest thing we try to do,” he says, is “be as brief as possible.”

A few years ago, the Pittsburgh-based sports concussion center gave out a poster warning: “Concussion: You’ll be the first to know! Get to a doctor as soon as possible because of long-lasting effects.”

September 10, 2020