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Finding a goal in an apocalyptic world The Last of Us is an incredible action and adventure game that follows the story of Joel and Ellie, two souls trying to survive in a world full of zombies. In this game, players will be faced with many difficult situations that will make them make the most difficult decisions that can question their morale and their humanity. With the right amount of fights, explorations and stories, The Last of Us has very impressive gameplay in which players can easily get lost;

A game that touches your hearts, apart from most zombie-themed games, The Last of Us is not just about death, burning and destruction. The history of the game is really one of the things that make this game a successful game and appreciated by many. The players are introduced to the main characters of the game Joel and Ellie, two people very unlikely to associate. They both come from completely different backgrounds, Joel got used to violence and death as a smuggler for a long time, and Ellie, who is still young and naive. The dangerous quest begins with Joel being responsible for bringing Ellie to Fireflies, an institution trying to find a cure for zombie infections. What makes Ellie so special is her famous immunity against her, so Joel should be able to involve her in (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); a difficult journey filled with bloodshed and difficult situations that would only make Ellie and Joels stronger relationships. If Joel initially states that he doesn’t care about Ellie at all, that ultimately changes in the latter part of the game. In fact, Joel’s change of heart will be a factor in how the play and the story will lead upon its completion. There will be no spoilers for what’s going on in the finale, but if there’s one thing players should know, it’s that The Last of Us is working hard to turn away from the clich√© and challenge people to come up. The last of us presents players with a very realistic representation of what the apocalypsezombies will look like. Behavior in this game is obviously inevitable, since you will encounter a zombie moving at lightning speed with the most usual allusion to a living human being; The conflict between the characters in the game will also force players to fight them. There are paranoid street gangs and disgusting soldiers who are more than willing to kill, otherwise they risk being infected. In general, the journey to bring Ellie safely to the Fireflies will not be a walk in the park, so players should expect a lot of fighting and violence; The difficult expectations of The Last of Us combined an interesting storyline with elegant and realistic graphics, it certainly impresses its players, making it precious and memorable for many. If you’re looking for something beyond simple action and horror, The Last of Us is a must. The game will make you feel what it means to live in a destructive world full of dead. It’s a zombie game like no other.

The Last of Us

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